Executive Committee Members:

  • Phyllis Owens, President
  • Addie Brent, First Vice President
  • Jevon Vontoure, Second Vice President
  • Maggie Richardson, Secretary
  • Finas Belk, Treasurer

Sustaining Members

J. Mitchell, Web Designer/Media

Alice Dickey

Ary Armstead

Aneice Liddell

Stanley “Rip “ Daniels

Hope Melton, Multi-Media Design

James Barnes

Roy Irons

Eloise Burnside

Isiah Edwards 

Jevon Vontoure 

Barbara Tart 

Jeffery Knight

Joann Fields

Betty Coleman        

John Beckham    

Alfredia Colston    

Ruthie Thaggart–White 

Fred Sock           

Richard Thorp        

Jacob Tatum 

Associate Members

Dora Faison        

Denise Dilworth   

Willie Cox

Natalie Chambers Nettles

Blues Commission President
Ms. Owens

The Mississippi Gulf Coast Blues Commission (MGCBC) was founded in March 1991 with a mission:

1.To hold an annual blues festival in September with part of the proceeds distributed amongst youth organizations in the coastal counties of Mississippi, and

2.To promote the blues as an art form that originated in Mississippi and her southern sister states.

Today, the Mississippi Gulf Coast Blues Commission (hereafter referred to as the “Commission”) is a 501 © (3) nonprofit organization with a distinguished membership consisting of sustaining and associate members. The Commission is headed by an equally distinguished executive committee.